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Fresh! Smooth! Orange Scent!!

I was really hoping for a strong,long lasting scent. When your talking natural vs synethic scents your getting quality over quantity. But it has to last longer than an hour. From the moment I put it on. It was Bold!! Fresh!! Then it was gone. I will have this to say which is why I gave this new scent a 4. Deadman products oil content never lets me done. They always stick around to get the job done through the work day. As for the longevity of the scent. I just dapped one or two drops evenly over my beard to give it a pick me up and brushed it through so it didn’t look oily or to shiny. Cherry Tobacco out of all the Deadman scents is still my absolute favorite. It never dissapoints!! It last for several hours. And I will give it a 5 all day long!!! Deadman is and has been in my top 5 for a while now.

Great Company

I just received my second shipment from Deadman’s.
Purchased “Night Out” oil, balm, and butter combo kit, on my first order. This time it was unscented beard oil and unscented butter. These products make my beard its absolute best!! I also purchased a Chicago comb #8. Fabulou

Soft yet powerful

I will start this off by saying that I am not a barbershop fan. This is a very unique barbershop. It is more of a soft and elegant cologne, yet powerfully sophisticated. It has a great profile as well as staying power. Highly recommend for someone who wants to have their lady close on a night out. This would also be great in the fall and winter months also.

I'm pretty satisfied with everything so far.

Very satisfied and looking forward to experiencing other fragrances.


A great scent for summer and an incredible list of ingredients. The “in beard feel” is excellent!

Good stuff

I found this company from a reference and man is it good stuff. I like the oil and the scents are a nice variety to choose from. I like citrus and the fortunella orange is the top dog, it’s sweet not artificial and scent stays

Light Refreshing Fortunella Oil

Started as a limited offering, everyone fell in love, Bryant heard the cries of the masses and BANG - thankfully for us all, Fortunella joined the ranks of Deadman's permanent offerings! A light, citrusy scent created in the company's essentials and absolutes collection, this one is not an enduring cologne type scent, but it is by no means "weak". Fortunella pops nicely out of bottle, and you are continually made aware of its presence for a solid 6 or 7 hours, lingering lightly for some time after that. The scent is uplifting and vibrant, pleasing to wear - morning or evening. If you're into brighter scents, Deadman's has a bottle of Fortunella with your name on it!

Mustache wax

The first thing I noticed and like about this wax was it didn’t lay heavy on my stache. It holds well even though it is not a heavy firm wax.

Absolutely amazing

Definitely gonna stay in my rotation cause I absolutely love it and the way it makes my beard feel

Dead Fan

Great product! Well worth the price and awesome ingredients!

Gave it a try…..very happy I went with it.
Very pleasing and has a bit of cologne profile to it.

This one grew on me. A bit floral, a bit fresh. Perfect for a date or even bedtime.

Still blows my mind

So this is the second batch of Fresh Forest Butter I have gotten.. I feel like the more I use this butter the more I understand why deadman’s beard co is one of the best in the business!! Scent is complex but simple at the same time! The name speaks for itself. Fresh Forest!! For us butter users we want a good butter!! This is what you get! Melts great in hands and leaves a beautiful shine in your beard! No greasy feeling or heavy feeling. Your beard will be better with this butter!!!

Perfect for a man like me. Work hard get dirty!! This wash isn’t going to destroy the beard… it’s going to save it! Light tea tree scent to wake you up in the shower or how ever you wash your beard. A must grab for a healthy beard.

Now this conditioner is a must for a beard!! After using deadman’s every day wash. Then this… your beard feels soft and hydrated and happy. Easily the best conditioner I’ve used.The hint of Tea tree provides the crisp clean scent you’re looking for.

Realllllyyy Nice

I gave this one a shot since it’s limited edition, and ended up really liking it. The mint is very essential oil smelling and refreshing, not sweet like candy at all like I was afraid it may come off. Nice cologne type undernotes that I’ve come to love from Deadman’s, and another one to keep in my rotation for sure👌🏼

Arctic breeze oil.

A good refreshing scent.

Fortunella Orange

Fantastic scent that lasts all day! Absolutely great.


Even better than I expected and very gentle and makes my beard feel amazing,would highly recommend this product

New scent

Arctic breeze perfect name for this scent as always great people great products

Fruity Loopocalypse Beard Oil?

I have liked everything I have bought from this company. I also like that they have samples.
Great all around company.

Deadsman beard co 1

Love the beard oil haven’t tried the butter yet because my beard is not long enough for it right now had to shave do to trusting another beard company there products clogged my pours but I will say deadsman beard co is my number 1

Epic beard products

I had to try your products because of Dan C Bearded’s recommendation, and I got to say he was spot on. I got the spiced rum and it is amazing. I had an issue with the beard butter leaking into the bag, but your support team quickly sent out a replacement. That’s how businesses should be run. Love you guys. Thanks again

Like always Deadman’s Beard Co. delivered a top notch beard product.

Absolutely Fantastic

This scent is just as amazing as this company. The perfect peppermint cologne you can wear everyday or for special occasions. Fighting with Agave Tides for my absolute favorite scent. Works with sensitive skin too!