Fireside Retreat Beard Butter

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Still blows my mind every time I twist off the lid to this butter!! Really something special about deadmans butter the way it looks and feels in hand and the soft nourishing texture when in beard.. but yet somehow gives off a little hold as well. The scent itself is similar to fresh forest but it takes you deeper in the forest so to say.. must have in your rotation!

Preston Smith
Such a good ine

I wanted to start off by saying that I wasn’t sure I would like this (as much as I did). I knew I would enjoy the woodsy and the little amount of citrus in the background, but the smokiness is amazing. Nothing overpowering but you can get hints of it in there. It’s so good, I grabbed another one in the oil/butter combo.


This fireside has becaome my absolute favorite scent, i dont know if is considered a smokey scent but if i had to describe it somehow i would say is like a sweet subtle smoke

Christopher Henning
🔥Fireside Forest🔥 Nailed It!

Wow! Just put in Fireside Forest for the first time this morning and Deadman’s Beard Co. really nailed it! As an avid outdoorsman and camping fanatic I really enjoy the outdoor scents and Fireside Forest is about as close you can come to a campfire scent without actually being fireside! It’s blended nicely with bergamot, cedar wood, fresh pine and campfire embers as the scents. Each add their own depth to the scent creating the whole campfire environment type scent which is just awesome!

As always the carrier blend is awesome and leaves my skin and beard feeling outstanding! The blend is hard to beat!

This will definitely be a permanent fixture in my rotation! Great job Deadman’s Team!

Fireside Forest....Smoky goodness!

Fireside Forest is what I want in a smoky scent. It's deep, and strong. Evokes the feeling of sitting by a roaring campfire. Fantastic scent!!