Scent List

Essentials & Absolutes Only

Fortunella Orange

A Vibrant yet Hibiscus Blend, That Features Fresh Kumquat and Juicy Orange.

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Agave Tides

A Light, Crisp Oceanic Cologne Featuring Refreshing Agave and a Splash of Lime.

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Deadman's Black Label Cologne

Black Label

Deadman’s Complex & Luxurious Signature Cologne, Featuring 100% Pure Oud Essential Oil.

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Deadman's Beard Co Cherry Tobacco

Cherry Tobacco

Rich yet Luxurious Tobacco, Blended With Tonka Bean and a Touch of Cherry

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Fruity Loopocalypse

An Irresistible Blend of Fruity Rings Cereal & Vanilla Cake

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Deadman's Beard Co Fresh Forest

Fresh Forest

A Refreshing yet Woodsy Blend Featuring Fresh Pine & 100% Pure Oud Essential Oil

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Fireside Forest

A Woodsy Experience Featuring Fresh Pine, Cedarwood, Campfire Embers, & Bergamot.

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Night Out

A Complex yet Smooth, Modern Barbershop Cologne: Clean, Powdery & Refreshing.

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Spiced Rum

Rich Spiced Rum, Blended with Orange Peel, and a Touch of Vanilla

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Essentials and Absolutes Only


A Refreshing Blend of Lemon, Lime & Peppermint.

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Essentials and Absolutes Only


A Juicy Blend of White Grapefruit, Orange & Vanilla

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Essentials and Absolutes Only


A Relaxing Floral Experience Featuring Lavender, Tuberose, & Vanilla

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Essentials and Absolutes Only


A Refined Blend Of 100% Pure Oud, Amber and Rose.

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