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Plant Based Daily Wash

Daily Cleanse: Our Beard Wash Is A True, Gentle, Plant-Based Daily Cleanser. Being 100% Plant-Based And Free From Sulfates And Parabens, It's No Wonder Our Daily Wash Is Considered One Of The Best On The Market!

Silky Smooth Beard Conditioner

Want A Soft, Smooth, And Irresistible Beard? Who Doesn't! Now It's Easy With Deadman's Luxurious Beard Conditioner. Formulated With Premium, All-Natural Ingredients, This Conditioner Is Your Go-To Solution For Softening & Nourishing Your Beard!

Beard Balm... Perfected

Style: 100% All-Natural Beeswax And Butters, Infused With Premium Cold Pressed Carriers, Our Balm Sculpts Your Beard To Perfection While Providing Deep Nourishment To Each Strand. The Unique Blend Ensures A Lasting Hold For Impeccable Styling, Enriching Your Beard With Nutrients For A Healthier, Softer Feel.

Condition & Hydrate Your Beard

Our Beard Butter Is One Of The Most Nourishing Products In The Beard Care Universe! We Took A Hybrid Approach By Using Both Unrefined And Refined Butters, Ensuring The Best Nourishment For Your Beard, While Still Offering An Incredible, Creamy Smooth Texture.

The Perfect Blend Beard Oil

The Ultimate Beard Oil Blend: Our Pride And Joy. We Meticulously Scoured The Globe, Conducting Rigorous Research To Curate One Of The Most Incredible Beard Oils That Your Beard Will Ever Experience. Our Formula Is A Harmonious Blend, Carefully Crafted With Cold-Pressed, Proven, And Exotic Carrier Oils. This Results In Giving You The Incredibly Soft And Healthy Beard That Deadman's Is Now Known For.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

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Cherry Tobacco - Shop By Scent

One of thee best scents I have experienced

The main note of this beard oil will leave you speechless. It’s so unique to be honest, I have never smelled anything like it in the beard game. An addicting profile, perfect for any occasion. Date night, especially.

A must have in your collection

This oil and scent is so crisp and refreshing. As soon as you see the color and viscosity of this oil you know this is something special. There seems to be many layers of citrus, perfectly balanced with a hint of what I think is to be vanilla. Even if you’re not a citrus person, this scent will leave you feeling sharp and clean.

A unique take on a woodsy scent

We all know that deadman’s beard oil is top of the line. But, when it comes to woodsy scents it’s hard to find a beard oil that takes you into the forest. Fresh forest is my absolute favorite woodsy scent. It’s not an overpowering woodsy scent, but as the name describes, it’s a fresh take on what the forest can bring you.


As an outdoorsman, who loves to embrace nature at its finest, fireside captures the essence of a deep forest with that camping touch. There’s nothing better than being around your friends and loved ones by a campfire. Fireside is not too Smokey, but embodies the experience you get camping. Simply amazing!

Beard Balms
Shawn Irwin
Great hold

I have never been a beard balm guy, but after experiencing this unique balm I will now use it for special occasions when my beard needs to look at its best. It does not leave your beard hard or uncomfortable, somehow it gives your beard a soft style that is unrivaled.


As like any other deadmans oil, the blend leaves your beard extremely healthy and happy. But, it’s the scent that takes it to a whole different level. I have never smelled anything quite like this. What was done in the lab is pure magical. I personally can’t describe what is going on with the scent. It is a sexy, seductive, spicy scent that makes you feel sophisticated, yet desirable. Obsidian is a masterpiece.

Get ready for a treat!!

Deadmans oil blend is beyond what the norm is. Fantastic carrier blend leaves your beard feeling super soft and healthy. No itching.. nothing. But this scent is something special. The wife , kids , who ever, will be able to tell what’s in beard. A fruity masterpiece. A scent that lasts all day and is easy to fall in love with.

Unscented butter

The unscented butter is GREAT! It's super smooth and leaves no residue or oiliness. Great for beards or for skin (not facial). Leaves my skin feeling soft! Great for tattoos too!!

Great scent!!

Obsidian is a great scent! This is a mix of a cologne, floral, with a little bit of sweetness. It's very deep and slightly dark scent. A very sexy scent that would be great for date night!! Both my husband and I wear this, so it can definitely be worn by the ladies too!! - I do see a cologne purchase soon!!

Fantastic Samples

Great Sample kit!! The samples are the perfect size to get several uses out of them! The samples give you a great opportunity to try the various scents and to see how the oil feels in your beard (or on your skin if your a gal!). My husband loves the carrier blend, it makes his beard feel soft. The oils feel great on my skin, with no oily feeling - leaving my skin super soft!

Spice rum

Love it.

A bit of a let down on the butter!!

Got my first product from Amazon recommended by Dan C (Fireside), superb consistency and great smell then i got the Fortunella from the Web Site,the oils is on point but the butter feel greasier compared with the Fireside, the only difference i found on the ingredients label is the coconut oil which is on the Fireside and not on the Fortunella.


I have a red and gray beard and wash my beard every single day… you really need to experience the way your beard just feels afterward… personally my beard has never felt or been as healthy as now!!

Obsidian Beard Oil
Brian Pierson
Best stuff out there

I’ve been using other brands out there for quite awhile now. Just got an order in from Deadman’s Beard Co and this is hands down the best stuff I’ve found. The quality and fragrance of the Obsidian line is insanely good. I’ve got to give props to the beard balm for not being chunky like the other brands, this stuff is like butt and melts on your fingertips and blends perfectly in your beard….same with the beard butter. Will most definitely be ordering more and 10/10 will refer to other people.

Artic breeze oil


So good

My wife picked this scent and loves it! It has been my date night go to.

The hype is real!

This really is a fantastic scent and different than most. It smells like the zest which is unique and wonderful. I was using unscented butter at night to give my sniffer a break but I have no issues using Fourtunella butter at night and have been for a few weeks now.
Love this scent and couldn't be happier.

Obsidian Cologne
Ian Pollard
Amazing scent

I love this cologne and the scent overall. Deadman's products are in my opinion second to none, and this new scent is no exception. The scent lasts a nice long time in both the cologne and beard balm, which for me is a huge plus!

The Cherry Tobacco butter

The Cherry Tobacco butter is an excellent butter, feeling outstanding in the beard. And the scent is outstanding. Soo much tobacco smell with a hint of cherry. It should really be named Tobacco Cherry. I absolutely love this butter. A real winner for me!


This is a great wash and conditioner. My beard feels really clean and soft after I use them.

Great scent

Love the smell but I’m a fruity guy. And it last for hours unlike others I’ve tried that were gone after about an hour.

Awesome product

Very happy with product I have received. Great scent profile on the Obsidian beard oil.


Best product out… I quit rotating any other products

Obsidian Beard Oil
Beard wash & conditioner

I've been wanting to try this company for awhile now , but just never pulled the trigger . After winning a giveaway, I didn't have an excuse not to . I ordered the tea tree wash and conditioner . WOW , awesome smell and feel in the beard . It lathers so nicely and leaves the beard looking and feeling like a majestic god . I think I might have found my go to beard company for all things bearded.