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Fortunella Orange beard oil

I absolutely love the beard oil. But this scent is not my favorite, especially for the work that I do doesn’t last that long. I will try all the scents because of the quality of the oil that deadman’s beard puts out. it is my go to every single day.

Great Products! Everything is top notch!

I received my kit very quickly after ordering. I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. I opened the shipping bag to discover a nice black bag with some stickers and swag inside along with the products. I purchased the Tea Tree scented wash and conditioner not knowing what it would smell like. I ordered the Fortunella scented oil and butter. Either scent would be fine by themselves but I don't really like them combined. I should have opted for unscented wash and conditioner and will on my next order

The wash lathers up great and leaves my beard feeling clean but not stripped to the point of being brittle. The conditioner is fantastic and does what it's supposed to do. The oil is great and so is the butter. The butter is a little bit gritty in texture but based on YouTube reviews I expected this. It breaks down nicely in the hands and applies with no issues. Overall, greatly satisfied with my purchase and with the results in my beard. I can recommend DMBCo highly!

Love the oil and the scent. Maybe new favorite.

Solid oils!

First time trying Deadman's Beard so I grabbed a few sample oils to test the carrier blend and scents. I love the pure scent of these essential oils, very sharp and natural smelling, and the blend leaves my beard feeling soft for hours. Will be back to order full size bottles soon!

Chicago comb

Good quality and good comb

Fortunella Orange Beard Oil - Essentials & Absolutes Only

Still blows my mind every time I twist off the lid to this butter!! Really something special about deadmans butter the way it looks and feels in hand and the soft nourishing texture when in beard.. but yet somehow gives off a little hold as well. The scent itself is similar to fresh forest but it takes you deeper in the forest so to say.. must have in your rotation!

New customer

Dan C Bearded gave rave reviews of your products decided to give a try. The wash and conditioner are the best I’ve used and oil and butter leave my beard soft and easy to style love the scents and would highly recommend!!

Fortunella Orange Is My Favorite!

Fortunella Orange is my new favorite from Deadman's! The scent is a great spicy orange and lasts all day! It's fresh and the slight spice really brings it home. The blend makes my beard soft but manageable. Definitely recommend!

Amazingly good!!

Fortunella is simply amazing. It's even better in beard. Deadmans products are proof of dedication and hard work. Try it and you'll be back for more!!

Would give 10 stars if I could. Amazing product.

Amazing scent and amazing ingredients. Love this oil.

All around Amazing!!

The product outstanding! From scent profile to beard feel through the different products, they all deliver. 1 thing I cannot speak greater about is the shipping and customer service. I know once it's shipped they don't have control anymore but the communication from paying until it arrives is 2nd to none in my opinion

I love Deadman's!

They are my go to beard anything. I love there scents. I wear Relax at night and mostly Cherry Stogie in the day. I do mix it up in the day with Spiced Rum or Agave Tides. For Relax the lavender just relaxes me right to sleep.

Fast Delivery

Got the code immediately

Can't say enough about the oil. Scent is amazing and feel wonderful in beard.

It’s just like Dan C described compared to Vitamin C scented from another collaboration, “More juicy!” Quick shipping, ridiculously great scent, and as always no customer service issues! Recommend 10/10!

I love it

This was my first purchase and I absolutely love it. Just enough emu oil and feels great in beard.

Fortunella orange

One of my 5 best scents ever A+

Agave tides

Is a really nice scent. Like it

Fortunella orange oil

This is my favorite from deadman. The blend is always great. The scent of fortunella orange is so awesome.


Hands down one of the best oils. No the best oils I have bought. The quality that I can feel and that agave tides just lingers. I can’t wait to try more products


The wash is amazing and the oils are even better

Renew Beard Oil

It’s one of my top 3 favorite scents. Smells awesome and feels great in my beard